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Important Directions to JFK Airport


JFK airport spread over 4,930 acres in Queens County of New York City initially used to be a much desolate place however, today it stands as the most crowded airport of New York City. Traveling back and forth JFK airport entails many interesting events, and is bound to cast a lasting image on one’s mind.
Depending on your endurance level and time, the experience can be bitter, enjoyable or highly vexing. In the later case, you would definitely try avoid being late and face vexation. In case you would opt to utilize the various transport options available to take you to JFK airport and away from it to your destination.
The phrase “All roads lead to Rome”, applies most perfectly to JFK airport as trying to reach from various pathways is easy. However, the impossible large number of passengers headed for JFK airport makes the task Herculean! If you are in a real hurry, then go grab some taxi or cab driver although they drive on the kill, but they guarantee to take you on time at the JFK. Buses are also another option to drive cheaply to JFK airport.
Various flights at the JFK terminals are as:
Terminal1: Japan Airlines, Lufthansa, Virgin Atlantic
Terminal 2 & 3: Delta
Terminal 4: Continental Airlines
Terminal 6: JetBlue Airways
Terminal 7: British Airways, United Airlines
Terminal 8: American Airlines, International flights
Terminal 9: American Airlines, domestic flights
Which route you adopt when coming to JFK airport all depends on where you are coming from! I
If you are traveling to JKF airport from Long Islanders then preferably use the Southern State Parkway, if traveling from upstate NYC then pass via Deegan Expressway.followed by the Cross Bronx E to I-678 S to the Van Wyck S right into the JFK airport and if moving from the south of NYC then take the New Jersey Turnpike to exit 13.
When you reach JFK, the rest is quite easy in fact fun to do so. You can move from one terminal to another via the Air Train in a total of merely 10 minutes.

Anna Lily is the resource writer for DrivenGlobal.Com. A website dedicated to provide you information about the Best New York Limo Services.

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Ahmedabad Travel


Ahmedabad popularly known as ‘Manchester of India’ is the capital of Gujarat state.  This city is among the liveliest places in the state visited by scores of tourists from across the globe around the year. It was built by Sultan Ahmed Shah as his capital in 1411 AD. The attraction of this place revolves around its scenic beauty and Indo-Saracenic style of architecture.

Some of the popular Tourist Places in Ahmedabad are:

Akshardham Temple

This temple is the blend of breathtaking grandeur, beauty, wisdom and bliss. It is the marvel of architecture located at Gandhi Nagar and visited millions of tourists throughout the year. The temple was built in 1992 and dedicated to the Lord Swaminarayan.

This grand edifice exquisitely carved out of pink sandstone. The leading attraction of this temple is 7 feet gold statue of Lord Swaminarayan enshrined in the main hall. While other three halls portray the rich Indian culture with light and sound shows, animated electronic models and multimedia shows.

Sabarmati Ashram

Also known as Gandhi ashram located on the bank of Sabarmati River. This ashram was amongst the first satyagraha ashrams set up by Gandhiji in 1915. Scores of tourists visit this ashram so they can get the glimpses of Gandhiji life and his freedom struggle against British Empire. It is the place from where Gandhiji started his historical Dandi March for freedom struggle of India.

Modhera Sun Temple

It is one of the must-see attractions of Ahmedabad dedicated to the Sun God. This historic temple situated on the bank of Pushpavati River famous for its architectural beauty and delicate stone carvings.  It was built in 1026 by King Bhimdev of the Solanki dynasty. The design of this temple resembles Sun Temple at Konark in Orissa. Surya Kund, Sabha Mandap and Guda Mandap are some of the prominent structure of this temple. Modhera dance festival held in the third week of January every year is the foremost cultural event of this place.

Ahmedabad is the city which represents harmonious blend of an ancient heritage with a vibrant present. Some of the well-known attractions of this place are Teen Darwaja, Bhadra Fort, Jumma Masjid, Adalaj Vav and Sarkhej Roza.

Tourists from across the world prefer Gujarat Travel so they can feel the vibes of nature’s beauty and historical glory. Ahmedabad attractions revolve around historical monuments, natural beauty, and association with Mahatma Gandhi and textiles mills.

Sri Lanka Travel: Explore the Best Sites at Affordable Price


Tourism in Sri Lanka is flourishing day-by-day as it has vast variety of tourist spots to offer to the visitors who come from every corner of the world. At the same time cheap Sri Lanka tour packages are designed for them that are way within their reach. This is the reason why more and more people are opting for Sri Lanka Travel. This beautiful island is the tropical paradise of South Asia. With its spectacular beaches, soaring landscapes, cultural heritage, wildlife sanctuary, temples, churches and botanical gardens, it has become one of the most sort after destination in the world.

 Increase in the number of Sri Lanka tour packages is also due to the fact that it offers everything that a person can ask for at a very cheap and affordable price. As traveling to Paris and Switzerland is not possible for everyone because of the high budget, if you can get the same environment and natural beauty at a very nominal rate, then what’s wrong. Countless Sri Lanka Packages are at your disposal that offer you and ensure you of the best travel and accommodation facilities at the most affordable and economic rate. These Sri Lanka tour packages are a sheer delight and you will definitely enjoy your vacation either with your family or spouse.

As tourism forms one of the most beneficial industries of the place, there are many tourist attractions that compel tourists to travel all the way from the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, France, India and even the United States. Eastern and Southern regions of the country boasts of island’s famous beaches, while historic monuments are located in the interior of the country and the mountainous regions are famous for lush green resorts. For those who have fascination for cultural and natural heritage, tourism in Sri Lanka is the best and foremost choice as it has eight world heritage sites. Cave temples, rock fortress, Lion-King tropical rainforest, botanical garden national parks archeological sites and precious stone mining are all that you can explore while enjoying Sri Lanka travel.

For those who are follower of Buddhism, Buddhist monasteries really attract them as they are acquainted to the famous religious festival to honor Tooth Relic of Lord Buddha and they get great joy to be a part of this festival. Past civil war had reduced tourism in Sri Lanka but at present Sri Lanka travel is gaining its momentum and growing rapidly.

Emma D’suza is an expert author for travel articles who provides information about international holidays including Sri Lanka Tours. Get all exclusive information about Sri Lanka Travel and International Travel Packages.

Cheap Travel Ideas for India


A tight budget should not prevent you from traveling the world. Remember these few things for cheap to move, stay, eat and drink.

Navigate without breaking the bank
There are several cost effective solutions to reach the destination of your dreams. For each mode of transportation available to you, find the trick to save a little.

If you must fly, choose:

The low cost commercial airlines instead of private air charter services provider. GoIndigo and SpiceJet are considered to be the cheapest commercial airlines in India.
Tickets “last minute” can be helpful in a quick negotiation of ticket prices.

As soon as you can choose the road:

Take the local transport like public buses, three wheelers and metro trains.
By bike or carpooling (see to find the car pool available in your city).

Finally, use the Indian national railway for much cheaper travel experience:

By purchasing tickets or making reservations through sites like, or
Taking advantage of good deals on daily deals and classified sites such as,,, or

Stay and breakfast:
Housing still holds a significant share of travel budget. Try to make you welcome in the premises. For example you can ask for lodging (if necessary) in exchange:


Service (common in rural areas abroad).
Maintenance of housing in the absence of the owner (security).
Off your own home with the same period (exchange unit, rarely available in India).
Hospitality when your host comes at your place. For example: Hospitality Club.

If you cannot find one to accommodate you, opt for the dormitory hostels or some hotels. Finally, always negotiate the price, especially if the hotel is half empty or it is already late in the evening.

Eat Cheap:
If you are staying with a host, it is likely that eating cost is already covered. If this is not the case, here are some economic returns:

Eat like the locals (in most European countries, food is proportionately much costlier than in India).
Traveling with a kit of cooking utensils (camping type) to prepare meals or to make hot drinks.
Try the side of the supermarkets in the late afternoon, when selling off perishable products (a practice fairly common in the world).

Reduce the cost of activities:
Entrance fees to places of interest can be very high. But there are ways to lower the budget activities:


Present a student card (If possible).
Enjoy the day or night free.
Buy a pass including admission to several sites.
Focus on free sites (including festivals, exhibitions in the open air …)
Form a group with other tourists to receive the group rate.
Conduct surveys without the services of a guide.
Arrive shortly before closing and negotiate a discount.

Air ambulance services are also offered by most of the jet air tours operators in India in case of medical emergencies.

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The Real values Of Cheap Travel


So you are ready to move further with traveling just because you are very tired about doing your work and you now wanted to have fun with traveling the world. Then you are thinking very positively. As you know that the work pressure is mounting on each and every person nowadays and hence they are trying to visit a place for pleasure and fun. In that case It would be ideal to choose the Cheap Travel packages and through which you can see the world and could have refreshment of your mind and soul.


There are so many traveling companies available in the worldwide marketplace of tourism and these all are providing some very genuine and real exposure to you. You can try their Travel packages for traveling around the world or either for any specific destination. These travel companies have a variety of packages through which you can choose the best of the services to make your trip great. These services are very cheap in many times and depend upon your destination and luxury. The travel companies are providing many discount travel package to their customers. If you do not want expensive budgets destinations or luxury services then you could try these great and very affordable discount travel packages. Just make sure that you are dealing with the awesome company, which is fabulously doing their work.


To get the real pleasure of tourism you can also check the cheap accommodation services. These services are highly admired by the people and many more are in the line to get these real tour packages, just to fulfill their wishes and requirement. The traveling is a medicine nowadays and almost every person is making any sorts of trip to the destinations like home or either at outside their own country. There are a lot of people who just wanted to make a trip for their business and so for those it is a very good idea to get connected with business travel cards or trips. That would be awesome as you will get extra care and luxury on the board and will feel the difference of accommodation.


This is one of the facts that you should really look after the accommodation as because the better is the accommodation and the better would be the experience of site seeing, otherwise you could get problems or stuck in unnecessary problems. To avoid these problems you will have to decide the venue and should make all your hotel reservations in advance. Doing this you would greatly enjoy your trip and would be a happy customer of these travel agencies. You can also try to find real and genuine discount vacations for the pleasure and enjoyment. As the name suggest that the discount packages are rated the best of the services by the travel agencies. With the help of these discount vacations you would be able to see all the important things at a cheap rate and that would not bother you or your pocket.

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Cheap Flights to Your Travel Destination

Flight Travel
by caribb

Beijing is the second largest city in China and one that is growing at a very fast pace. The city has become a popular destination for tourists and business people who come here for different reasons. It is especially very busy during the New Year’s Eve of the Chinese year when most people come to witness the different occasions from the rest of the world.

When looking to travel to Beijing, there are a few things that one can take into consideration as a way of getting cheap flights. It is important for any traveler to work with a realistic budget to make the trip memorable and as enjoyable as it can possibly be. The failure to have a good budget in place for your trip could end up in a messy financial position as many things tend to pop up during the trip which will require you spending money. 

Choosing the time to travel to Beijing is one of the many ways of trying to secure cheap flights. Just like most other destinations of the world, the peak season is the hardest time to get cheap flight. The trick is therefore to choose to travel during the off peak season or make a point of booking your flight in advance to take advantage of any offers that could be present.

The other way to get to Beijing cheaply is to book late. Although this might seem to go against the constant advice of booking early, it is possible to get very good rates on choosing to book for your flight late. This is because there are excellent last minute deals available in most of the airlines and which one can take advantage of. This is however workable during the off peak season as it is highly unlikely that a flight will miss passengers during the peak season.

It also helps to take the time to peruse around to see what is being offered by the different airlines and travel agents. The internet is a great place to begin with the search as there are hundreds of airlines and agents with amazing deals and packages for your holiday or trip needs.

Welcome to flylink website, committed to offering you the cheap international flights to your top destinations and discount vacations at time of booking. Book a cheap flights to delhi, cheap flights to dublin trip with the best rates online for airline tickets, last minute deals, cars, hotels and travel insurance.

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